Who We Are

Driving disruption from the Inside

The Providence Digital Innovation Group is a team of strategists, software engineers, marketers and investors focused on digital innovation that further Providence’s vision of “Health for a Better World.” The organization works hand-in-hand with clinical and operational teams at Providence to identify opportunities and deliver innovative solutions through the use of technology that will have an impact on patients, clinicians, communities, and the strength of our organization.

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United in the mission to transform healthcare

Strategy & Commercialization

This team is charged with having a deep understanding of healthcare and the digital health market and is responsible for the prioritization of transformative digital opportunities. They build and maintain relationships with our B-2-B stakeholders across the industry including health system digital innovation teams, venture capital organizations, industry influencers and digital health organizations. And they bring the business expertise and support required to commercialize and bring our incubated technology to market.

Product & Incubation

This global team consists of gifted engineers, data scientists, product managers, researchers, and UX experts from the world’s top technology organizations. They incubate novel patient and consumer centric health care solutions and test, learn and prove value within Providence—and then package them for commercialization. The team is focused on building white-space health system-specific solutions not previously available in market, that transform healthcare.

Marketing & Digital Experience

This powerhouse team of world-class marketers, engineers, data scientists, e-commerce experts, and human-centered design specialists is responsible for bringing to life the Providence promise of “Know me. Care for me. Ease my way.” This customer-obsessed team drives growth for Providence’s key lines of business, provides an industry leading e-commerce experience, and develops platforms to make it easier for patients to get safe, quick, and easy quality care and information. 

Think you might be a good fit for one of our teams?


We draw our leadership and talent from organizations outside of traditional healthcare—bringing the expertise and mindset of disruptors, inside.

Sara Vaezy

Sara Vaezy

Executive Vice President
Chief Strategy and Digital Officer

Andy Chu

Andy Chu

Senior Vice President
Product and Technology Incubation

Shweta Ponnappa

Shweta Ponnappa

Senior Vice President
Chief Marketing and Digital Experience Officer

Justin Dearborn

Justin Dearborn

Praia Health

Dana Langford

Dana Langford

Chief of Staff


“Health systems are at an inflection point. The trusted connection between the health system and health consumers is at its most vulnerable in an increasingly competitive, distributed, and decentralized environment. Technology is at the center of both the problem and the solution. Health systems must take a page from the book of other consumer-facing industries to enable a digital flywheel that fuels operational transformation and business model expansion. Digital transformation is now a health system imperative.

That’s why we built Praia Health.”


EVP and Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Providence

How We Work

We believe health is a cooperative effort.

We value the need for combined expertise and are committed to building relationships across a diverse set of talent, partners, and systems. This isn’t a journey we can go alone.

We value informed action.

We balance our bias for action with a rigor that ensures there’s insight and information that support the direction we’re headed.

We take risks, so others don’t have to.

We’ve created an environment to fail fast and build confidence in solutions that can help better the health of all.


Both health and technology are ever-changing, so we operate in a state of continual improvement.

We design for them, not us.

We have a customer obsession and we constantly start by identifying the biggest issues THEY have and solving for them.  

We’re opportunity, not technology focused.

The technology doesn’t matter unless you understand the need it solves. We don’t talk solution until we have a full understanding of what we’re solving for. 

Our values


We nurture the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of one another and those we serve. Through our healing presence, we accompany those who suffer.


We value, encourage and celebrate the gifts in one another. We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.


We foster a culture that promotes unity and reconciliation. We stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable, working to remove the causes of oppression and promoting justice for all.


We set the highest standards for ourselves and our work. Through transformation and innovation, we strive to improve the health and quality of life in our communities.


We hold ourselves accountable to do the right things for the right reasons. We speak the truth with courage and respect. We pursue authenticity with humility and simplicity.