What We Do

We steer technology into transformative health(care) innovations so that the industry can more rapidly and confidently adopt digital solutions. Unlike standalone technology companies, innovation consultancies, or care providers, we shape, build, and scale meaningful ideas at one of the largest health systems—then offer them to the world.

A Group That Sits at the Nexus of Health Care, Consumerism and Technology

DIG is a health innovation center that sits at the nexus of health care, consumerism, and technology—located in Seattle, also a geographical nexus for all three industries.

Strategy is at our core. We understand and uncover the biggest problems (and opportunities) in health care, and use it to steer and inspire others.

We have an in-house product development team, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, relationships with Big Tech, and digital marketing expertise- enabling best of breed solutions to those problems to be developed. 

Through our connection to one of the largest health system in the country, we offer an environment to develop and test at scale. We are set up to commercialize and spin-out companies that can serve the entire industry.

But it’s not the individual components or functions of what DIG offers that makes it powerful. DIG’s strength and value stems from the overlaps between all of them.

We Focus On the Biggest Opportunities for Innovation in Healthcare

We aim to deliver more simple, accessible and equitable healthcare. Something that’s been in need for far too long. It’s that purpose that motivates us, tests us, and calls us to constantly raise the bar. Here’s where we channel our work:

Innovations are inventions that have successfully scaled.



“Health systems are at an inflection point. The trusted connection between the health system and health consumers is at its most vulnerable in an increasingly competitive, distributed, and decentralized environment. Technology is at the center of both the problem and the solution. Health systems must take a page from the book of other consumer-facing industries to enable a digital flywheel that fuels operational transformation and business model expansion. Digital transformation is now a health system imperative.

That’s why we built Praia Health.”


EVP and Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Providence


Think Deeply

We utilize deep market research—both primary and secondary—to understand the digital efforts that will have the most impact within a health system. We work hand-in-hand with Providence clinical and operational teams to understand the most critical problems in health care and identify and prove out impactful digital solutions—whether externally sourced or internally developed and support those teams through efficient testing and pilot programs and transition those pilots to Providence business operations over time. Strategy is at our core, and we readily share what we’ve learned with other health systems and technology companies to speed adoption of digital technology for all.


Code What Matters

We have close to 100 talented product, research and engineering people on staff, building the most impactful and meaningful health systems solutions in the industry to Providence—and to the industry at large. We’re experts in building solutions and take a sophisticated approach to driving engagement. We are work on acquisition, education, navigation, care delivery and monitoring; we work across all venues of care including online, in-clinic and at-home; and we’re experts in the most modern approaches that might be required for success—whether be search, automated bots, AI & NLP, pathways, video, chat or asynchronous care.


Expand the Reach

For people, we deliver more simple, accessible and equitable healthcare. Something they’ve been in need of for far too long. It’s that purpose that motivates us, tests us, and calls us to constantly raise the bar. When we develop a solution that works—we spin it out to make it available to other health systems and use digital to improve health care more broadly. To date, we’ve spun out three new companies and have more solutions in the pipeline. And through our $300M Venture Fund, Providence Ventures, we invest in the innovative technology organizations that can make a difference.

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