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Utilizing Innovation to Impact Healthcare’s Workforce Crisis

May 20, 2022

We are facing a crippling shortage of healthcare professionals, leading to program closures, reduced access to care, and increased workload on remaining staff. Provider organizations everywhere will struggle, but those in already-underserved communities – many low-income or rural – will be at the highest risk of closure. Addressing the workforce crisis isn’t just a priority, it’s a national emergency.

While provider burnout and workforce shortages aren’t new, many possible solutions are. Health systems must harness innovation around everything from staffing models and partnerships to tech solutions and training opportunities, as well as resources to help caregivers cope, heal and build resiliency. Digital doesn’t offer a silver bullet, but it can play a critical role in addressing this crisis, alleviating some of the burdens on care teams, ensuring a healthy, supported workplace environment, and supporting care model transformation.

In this report we dive into five areas where innovation offers hope to support the workforce crisis in healthcare:


  1. Enabling Self-Service
  2. Automating Non-Clinical Tasks
  3. Digital Clinical Support
  4. New, Digital-First Disruptive Models of Care
  5. Workforce Wellness

Authored by:

  • Matt Cohlmia, Executive Director Digital Strategy
  • Doug Grapski, Senior Digital Strategy Manager

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