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Where Does Health Happen?

April 2021 | Matt Cohlmia

As we build toward distributed models of care, soon the answer to the question “where does healthcare happen?” will be “everywhere and anywhere.”

Today we know that the healthcare facility is not where health happens. Health really happens in the grocery store, at the gym, on the bus, and in the kitchens and bedrooms of our patients’ communities. If the healthcare system is going to transition away from being a “sick care” system, care must extend beyond the four walls of the clinic to become Distributed Care. That is, care delivered where and when health happens: the places, devices, and channels where it’s most accessible and relevant to patients.

In this report, Matt Cohlmia offer a new perspective on how digital technology is changing the way that care through health systems is delivered.


Matt Cohlmia
Executive Director Digital Strategy, Providence Digital Innovation Group

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