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HLTH Webinar: Entering a New Chapter for Consumer Engagement in Healthcare

June 15, 2022

Consumer engagement has become a strategic component for driving the recovery and growth required to help health systems deal with the unprecedented financial and workforce challenges today. Moreover, it will also be a defining force in shaping the healthcare business model for the future.

Today’s “patient engagement” solutions aren’t comprehensive platforms that connect critical pieces of data or health experiences – and the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem creates enormous practical challenges in implementing solutions that have a significant impact. With highly regulated patient information—including medical records, insurance, billing, and communication data—locked in disparate legacy systems, a 360-degree patient view is simply inaccessible—negatively impacting engagement solution experience and effectiveness.

Consumer identity informed engagement must be the basis for new, fully formed, and uniquely health system-inspired patient experiences—experiences that technology, payor, employer, and retail operators simply don’t have the data access to deliver.

In this roundtable led by Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Officer at Providence, healthcare innovators discuss the “platforming” of health system consumer engagement, how identity services play a starring role, and new solutions that are poised to change the equation.

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