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Industry Consolidation – Incumbents

August 2020 | Digital Innovation Group

Part A – Incumbent Players

As COVID-19 safety concerns forced clinics to close and millions delayed their health care services, provider revenues plummeted, leaving many organizations financially distressed. Concurrently, evolving care delivery models have made select assets more strategic and others less relevant. As a result, health care organizations have the opportunity to accelerate growth strategies through the acquisition or consolidation of depressed or newly strategic assets.

For this trend, we will examine the anticipated acceleration of industry consolidation by traditional players and the resulting digital opportunities health systems can employ to defend against disruption due to industry consolidation or participate in consolidation. In this first report (Part A) on this topic, we will take a look at the incumbent players in consolidation. In the second report (Part B) on this topic, we will review the consolidation activities led by non-traditional players such as tech-enabled retailers and health tech pure play disruptors entering the market.


Sara Vaezy
EVP, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Providence
Matt Cohlmia
Executive Director Digital Strategy, Providence Digital Innovation Group
Douglas Grapski
Director, Digital Strategy, Providence Digital Innovation Group

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