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Industry Consolidation – 2021 in Review

January 19, 2022

While consolidation is not new to the healthcare industry, COVID-19, the emergence of new disruptive care models, and the entrance of historic levels of new capital into the healthcare sector have accelerated the pace of acquisition. Health systems, as the long-standing industry incumbents, can either defend against the evolving competitive landscape or fall victim to it. This report provides context for health systems on how to respond to consolidation trends and emerging competitive threats.

In this report, we will check in on our original Consolidation Trends predicted trends from 2020, share new emerging themes, and discuss the continued implications for health systems. The appendix of this document summarizes the major consolidation activities and partnerships that took place since our original reports (one on Traditional Consolidators and one on Tech Enabled Disruptors).


Douglas Grapski
Director, Digital Strategy, Providence Digital Innovation Group

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