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Ep. 3 w/ Jordon Goldberg of stickK on Utilizing Tech to Drive Positive Behavior Change

Sept 2019 | Digital Innovation Group

What happens when you bring together two bright minds to tackle healthcare’s challenges? This isn’t your typical brainstorm between healthcare experts. No, this is a supercharged session between two minds that work in similar, but very disparate industries. Our guests talk about a broad challenge they face, and discuss how they’ve approached the problem in their respective fields. The magic? To see how their approaches to a challenge can be applied to another industry to spark new avenues of innovation.

In our third episode, we welcome our own Arpan Waghray, a System Medical Director of tele-behavioral health at Providence, as well as the CMO of Well Being Trust. Arpan was joined by Jordan Goldberg, who is the CEO and Chairman of stickK to discuss how they’re both leveraging digital technology to drive positive behavior change. Arpan spoke with Jordan to learn about how his team approached similar problems that stood in their way. As it turns out, the healthcare and consumer self-help technology industries face a lot of similar challenges.

Listen below to see how Providence and stickK are leveraging digital solutions to create change behavior and watch the takeaway video here for highlights.


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