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Enabling Digital Health at Scale Post-COVID-19

November 17, 2020

COVID-19 is catalyzing digital transformation in many areas of healthcare and creating opportunities for innovators. The impact on the traditional, hospital-centric health system will accelerate business model shifts, new entrants, and the adoption of new technologies. Healthcare’s business model will be the most fundamental shift catalyzed by COVID-19. Health systems MUST reorganize around the unique needs of patients rather than around their own functional areas, and technology has the opportunity to play a critical role.

This surge in virtual care brought on by the pandemic has catalyzed an era of expansive care distribution and decentralization. Swift changes in how care is delivered creating a greater need for systems to adopt flexible digital models for patients to access care outside traditional brick-and-mortar health care facilities.

Similar to consumer-centric industries being disrupted after cultural catalyzes, healthcare could be facing a future of disruption from external digital forces as a result of these swift transformations from COVID-19.

Panelist include:

  • Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Research & Incubations
    Dr. Peter Lee
  • Providence Digital Innovation Group EVP & Chief Digital Officer
    Aaron Martin
  • Pioneer Square Labs Managing Director
    Julie Sandler
  • One Medical Chair, CEO & President Amir Dan Rubin.

This session will be moderated by Providence Digital Innovation Group Chief Digital Strategy Officer Sara Vaezy.

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