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We partner with others to shape, build and scale meaningful ideas at one of the largest health systems—then offer them to the world.

A Healthier Future for All

There are more healthcare technology inventions than the world will ever come to know. In fact, in the first half of 2020, $5.4B was invested in digital health companies a record pace that surpassed the already record amounts set in ‘18/’19 at $8.2B and $7.4B. Here at Providence Digital Innovation Group, we’re not focused on just introducing more inventions, or developing solutions on our own terms. Rather, we steer technology inventions into meaningful and sustainable innovations that can move the industry forward and change it for the better.

For other health systems, we de-risk technology investments and share our learnings so that our colleagues can innovate no matter the size. For technology companies (big and small), we provide access to the necessary healthcare expertise and the environment to test at scale. For both, we offer ongoing access and ‘translation’ to “the other side.” And for Providence, not only does our work ensure a more sustainable future for the health system itself; our work enables the bold vision of Health for a Better World.

Health Systems

If you’re a health system, we’d love to share research, thinking and experiences, as well as build a relationship and collaborate across our systems to streamline digital technology adoption together.

Partner with Us

Arrange a Digital Innovation Virtual Onsite between our two systems.

Technology Companies

We partner with technology companies—large and small—to drive the digital technology that health systems really want into the market—and turn inventions into scalable, health system innovations.

Partner with Us

Arrange a Digital Innovation Virtual Onsite to ideate on digital solutions for health systems and explore partnership opportunities.

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Resource Center

Research, findings and opportunities for applying digital technology within health systems, including our latest Digital Insight Reports.

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Providence Ventures

Learn more about our investment portfolio and approach we take for funding innovative new technology.

Technology Partnerships

In 2019, Providence and Microsoft announced a multi-year strategic alliance to accelerate the digital transformation of health care. The alliance combines the power of Microsoft’s technology with the clinical expertise and care environment of Providence, one of the largest health systems in the country.

Providence and Amazon have partnered to advance convenient access to health care through Alexa and other channels. The teams are collaborating on developing new HIPAA-compliant skills that will enable health care visits and manage medical appointments using voice.

Providence is part of a growing list of health care institutions that support health records on Apple devices, enabling patients to view important data such as immunizations, lab results, medications and vitals directly in Health app.

Incubated Organizations

Circle was acquired by Wildflower Health


“Health systems are at an inflection point. The trusted connection between the health system and health consumers is at its most vulnerable in an increasingly competitive, distributed, and decentralized environment. Technology is at the center of both the problem and the solution. Health systems must take a page from the book of other consumer-facing industries to enable a digital flywheel that fuels operational transformation and business model expansion. Digital transformation is now a health system imperative.

That’s why we built Praia Health.”


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