Navigation & Personalization

Health care must build navigation and personalization capabilities to help assist consumers in the often daunting, complicated, and opaque process of selecting and engaging with their care. 

As the future of healthcare becomes digitized, the threat of disruption to health systems has never been greater. Despite their best intentions, the flood of new competitors and ever-proliferating modalities of care each compete for patient attention, creating the potential for a fragmented, confusing, and impersonal patient experience. At the same time, health systems possess the breadth of care, the access to data, and the patient trust to become their community’s preferred partner in care. But to achieve success, they must leverage these resources to create easy to navigate and personalized experiences for their patients, and for the first time ever, those are within reach.


The Paradox of Choice

In this research-based report you’ll learn:

  1. How healthcare can learn from brands like Spotify and Netflix to re-imagine how it builds and delivers digital experiences to patients.
  2. The new collaborations that will enable the healthcare industry to turn existing data into highly personalized patient experiences.
  3. The steps for health systems to implement a digitally-driven virtuous cycle; where personalization creates an improved navigation experience, and in turn, each navigation session, fuels profile data that improves personalization.
  4. The areas in the care journey most ripe for health systems to build data-fueled applications that can deliver a 10x better patient experience – starting today.

Consumers’ Top Online Sources for Gathering Provider Information


What sources, if any, did you use to gather information?


What resource did you consult first?

Featured Navigation and Personalization Projects

Surgical Concierge is a pilot project focused on engaging and guiding patients across their surgical journey through virtual & digital channels, beginning at the point of referral through post-op care.

Grace is configurable, knowledge-based decision support system that enables patients to find the right care, in the right place, at the right time through a conversational experience. She offers a level of personalization that engenders trust with the patient, helping patients navigate to the right resource and engaging patients between and during episodes of care.

To ensure that our patients have the COVID-19 information and resources they need, particularly those who might be at risk of experiencing disproportionate rates of COVID-19, we are piloting an outreach program where text messages in English and Spanish go out to patients considered to be at high to extreme risk of contracting COVID-19.

Recommended Navigation & Personalization Resources

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