Health Equity Through Digital

Product inclusion is essential for achieving health equity, and health equity is good for business.

To drive true health equity, health organizations of all kinds must move beyond independent, preliminary actions. Rather, they must focus on systemic changes to the culture of our organizations, the way we do our work, and the products that are generated by that system. Actions must follow words. This is especially important for digital health organizations that have witnessed a dramatic acceleration in the shift to digital care due to COVID-19.


It’s Time for an Upgrade Toward Equity

This research-based report outlines:

  1. How healthcare can learn from organizations like Nike, on how to deliver equitable products and experiences for consumers.
  2. How innovators and decision makers can develop the business case for investing in infrastructure and products that address the needs of underserved market segments.
  3. Key actions organizations can take to promote equitable health care within digital health initiatives.

Vulnerable Populations in the US (Non-MECE)

Chronically Ill

(nearly half the population) suffer from at least one chronic illness such as hypertension, heart disease or arthritis (source)


on a given night (source)



in the US live with a disability (one in four) (source)




in poverty in 2019 (source)


on a given night (source)


Featured Health Equity Projects

In collaboration with Grapevine Health, we developed video-based / health content specifically for Black and Latino populations to address perceptions and questions about COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to ensure these disproportionately impacted groups have the COVID-19 information and resources they need.

To ensure that our patients have the COVID-19 information and resources they need, particularly those who might be at risk of experiencing disproportionate rates of COVID-19, we are piloting an outreach program where text messages in English and Spanish go out to patients considered to be at high to extreme risk of contracting COVID-19.

Recommended Health Equity Resources

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