Distributed Care

As we build toward distributed models of care, soon the answer to the question “where does healthcare happen?” will be “everywhere and anywhere.”

Today health happens in the grocery store, at the gym, on the bus, and in the kitchens and bedrooms of our patients’ communities – not just a healthcare facility. If the health care system is going to transition away from being a “sick care” system, care must be distributed, extending beyond the four walls of the clinic. Care must be delivered where and when health happens: the places, devices, and channels where it’s most accessible and relevant to patients.


Where Does Health Happen?

In this research-based report you’ll learn:

  • How healthcare is experiencing a digital transformation analogous to the one the financial industry experienced in the early 2000s and how that shift will affect the overall patient experience.
  • The two massive trend models that are fueling health care’s business evolution and how they’ll influence patient expectations.
  • How health systems can harness the momentum of virtual care to build holistic, blended experiences.
  • The key opportunities both digital innovators and health systems need to pursue to stand up new distributed care frameworks.

Estimates attribute only 


of health outcomes to medical care. The rest is attributedto genetics and social determinants of health.

As many as

1 billion

virtual visits were conducted in the US during 2020 with over 70% of patients using virtual methods for the first time.

Post-COVIDwe expect up to


of all provider visitsto be virtual

Featured Distributed Care Projects

“DexCare was instrumental as we transformed our ambulatory care model to better meet the needs of patients over the past few years. In 2020, scalability of the DexCare platform was instrumental in our response to COVID. We’re proud that this internally developed and incubated technology is now ready to be made available to other health systems—furthering the Providence vision of health for a better world.”

Rod Hochman, M.D.
President and CEO, Providence

As the leaders at Providence treated the first COVID-19 case in the country, the need for digital technology to support the growing healthcare needs became even more clear. In response, the Providence Digital Innovation Group developed a COVID-19 Consumer Hub and Bot. Their efforts provided a single source for accurate, up-to-date information about COVID-19. Bot technology named “Grace” assists with self-assessment and a virtual triage tool, and an FAQ bot offers information and real time access to testing and vaccine info.


My Covid Diary is a clinical research project that uses technology to learn and document COVID-19 onset and disease progression. Sponsored by Providence, this clinical research project uses technology to collect and analyze first-person accounts of COVID-19 from thousands of individuals—with the hope of accelerating the medical identification, understanding and treatment of this novel disease.

Recommended Distributed Care Resources

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