Digital Platform

For health systems to effectively incorporate digital transformation into their business model, the end-to-end consumer experience needs consideration.

Healthcare today more likely starts with an online search than a call to the family doctor—making it imperative that health systems have sophisticated brand, website and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that support their visibility in the digital world. Digitized endpoints and online transactions become a focus as every health system service needs to be schedulable online, virtually accessible and tracked for optimization. And patients need personalized integrated and orchestrated digital means to navigate and engage with the system.


The Providence Digital Platform

Hear Aaron Martin talk about the Providence Digital Platform, its strategic importance and how the different components work together to become the building blocks for digital transformation within one of the nations largest health systems.

Aaron Martin
SVP and Chief Digital Officer

The Providence Digital Platform


Delivering a consistent brandexperience across all consumer experiences—whether they be online or in person.


Highly personalized support and navigation toward  theright care and resources,at the right time.


Assuring every service and resource available within our system is digitally availablewith an API endpoint.

Featured Digital Platform Projects

Our comprehensive Providence Brand Unification project includes alignment to a unified brand, deep research, our brand principles, concept narrative and architecture, a visual identity system, messaging framework, voice & tone and a creative platform.

The Providence OneSite initiative is a multiyear project to transition our dozens of regional and local ministry sites, plus scores of local clinical sites into a single web domain. With our web presence being the first and largest digital touchpoint, the project focused on providing a frictionless digital experience for our patients across all services and geographies, while empowering ministries with new content, tools, and capabilities.

The Providence mobile app gives consumers direct access to our services and digital solutions available in one unified mobile experience. Found in the App Store and Google Play, the apps are our digital channel to build a direct, strong relationship with our patients and gain their loyalty.

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