Digital Innovation

Fending Off Outside Disruption through Collaboration

April 6, 2021  |  Marcee Chmait

Health systems provide nearly $2 trillion[1] dollars of healthcare each year. We are a big, fragmented and highly regulated industry. Up until recently, health systems have operated very locally delivering in-person care at brick and mortar locations. Local and regional health care often meant that health systems took on all of the work to innovate […]

Inside DIG

Teaming with Microsoft to combat the flu

January 12, 2021  |  Maryam Gholami

“Raising the water for all boats” is part of our DNA here at the Providence Digital Innovation Group. Our approach is to shape, build, and scale meaningful ideas here at Providence — and then offer them externally as a part of our mission of health for a better world. It’s a unique approach — and one […]

Digital Innovation

DIG Hackathon – Disrupting The Industry From The Inside

November 24, 2020  |  Maryam Gholami

Hackathons (Hack Marathons) are simply a part of the tech industry tradition. During a hackathon, engineers and others get together in an intense period of few days to collaboratively work on a software development project. Given this, the programming is more exploratory to demonstrate an idea or concept, so the term hack is used. As […]

Digital Innovation

The Think Tank Ep. 7: Building Centers for Innovation in “Staid” Industries

October 12, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

What happens when you bring together two bright digital experts to tackle health care’s biggest challenges? In our seventh episode, we were joined by our Chief Digital Officer, Aaron Martin, and Woody Driggs, who is the Principal of EY and Leader of its Digital Transformation Wavespace initiative. The duo had a candid discussion around how they’re driving innovation in […]

Digital Innovation

The Think Tank Ep. 4: Building Centers for Digital Innovation

July 1, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

What happens when you bring together two bright minds to tackle health care’s biggest challenges? This isn’t your typical brainstorm among healthcare experts. This is a supercharged session between two minds that work in similar, but very disparate industries. Our guests talk about a broad challenge they face and discuss how they’ve approached the problem […]

Inside DIG

People Behind the Product: Stevi Deter

October 3, 2019  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

This post is part of a series of interviews with the DIG engineers. We introduce you to an engineer, and give you a peek into what it’s like to work for DIG. If you’re interested in a career with DIG, check out our current positions. What team are you on? I am on the Liontower team. We […]