Digital Innovation

Project spotlight series: Surgical Concierge simplifies your surgery experience

August 25, 2021  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

[2 MIN READ] In this article: The Digital Innovation Group (DIG) at Providence identifies ways to develop healthcare technology that improves access and equity for the communities we serve. Surgical Concierge is a pilot program that uses telehealth services and digital solutions to engage and guide patients throughout their surgical journey. The Providence DIG team […]

Innovation at Scale

2021: The Year Broken Health Care Systems Begin the Healing Process

February 24, 2021  |  Sara Vaezy

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t break healthcare. It just brought to high relief the existing fractures. This is good, because those fracture lines become the map and roadways for where we in health care innovation need to focus our efforts. And having the failures of our systems be so obvious is giving set-in-their-ways health systems, payors […]

Inside DIG

Teaming with Microsoft to combat the flu

January 12, 2021  |  Maryam Gholami

“Raising the water for all boats” is part of our DNA here at the Providence Digital Innovation Group. Our approach is to shape, build, and scale meaningful ideas here at Providence — and then offer them externally as a part of our mission of health for a better world. It’s a unique approach — and one […]

Digital Innovation

Enabling Digital Health at Scale Post-COVID19

January 6, 2021  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

In early 2020, as Seattle was the first U.S. city confronted with COVID-19, local health care leaders and organizations were not only positioned for immediate action, but also fortuitously very well-prepared. Recently, the Digital Innovation Group, in partnership with GeekWire hosted a discussion with local health tech executives who made critical decisions to stand up technology tools […]

Digital Innovation

Here’s How Healthcare Can Avoid Being The Next Blockbuster

October 19, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

Remember Blockbuster Video? At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster had more than 9,000 locations. By 2010, the company was bankrupt. What happened? In short, consumer behavior changed, but Blockbuster didn’t. Streaming video meant customers could skip the entire Blockbuster experience — the trudge to the video store, the lines, movies being out of stock, late […]

Digital Innovation

COVID-19: Providence Calls Healthcare Innovators to Make a Difference in the Pandemic

July 23, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

We’ve all seen the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the public, the risk to our front-line clinicians and essential workers, racial disparities, and the negative impact on the economy. It has been harrowing and tragic. We are, sadly, only at the beginning stages with second surges now occurring across the country. Providence, one of […]