Digital Innovation

Where Does Health Happen?

April 9, 2021  |  Matt Cohlmia

If you were to ask someone in 1980 “where does banking happen?,” they probably would’ve stated the obvious. “At a bank.” Someone needing to withdraw cash was instructed to come to the bank. Someone needing to change their contact information was likewise told: come to the bank. Open an account? Come to the bank. Cash […]

Innovation at Scale

2021: The Year Broken Health Care Systems Begin the Healing Process

February 24, 2021  |  Sara Vaezy

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t break healthcare. It just brought to high relief the existing fractures. This is good, because those fracture lines become the map and roadways for where we in health care innovation need to focus our efforts. And having the failures of our systems be so obvious is giving set-in-their-ways health systems, payors […]

Digital Innovation

What Do Online Reservation Platforms Have To Do With Healthcare?

November 3, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

Booking a table at a restaurant used to be a chore. You’d spend seemingly forever on hold only to learn there were no spots available, or that the restaurant wasn’t even open. And then you’d have to start all over at another restaurant. But today making reservations is a breeze. With a smartphone, you can […]

Digital Innovation

What Do Online Travel Booking Sites Have To Do With Healthcare?

October 27, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (that is, before the internet), here’s how people made travel plans: they would call up a bunch of airlines, wait on hold, painstakingly jot down flight times and prices, call back their chosen airline hoping the flight would be still available, and finally give their credit card number to […]

Digital Innovation

What Happens When Your Online Catalog is Easily Shoppable?

October 12, 2020  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

Pre-internet, shopping was an endurance sport. It meant spending hours, or days, going from store to store, down aisle after aisle, until finally, maybe, you found what you were looking for. And if you wondered if it was actually cheaper somewhere else, you would have no choice but to summon the energy and start your […]

Digital Innovation

Building a Healthier Future (Part III)

October 3, 2019  |  Providence Digital Innovation Group

The Digital Innovation Group here at Providence St. Joseph Health is constantly tracking the latest healthcare tech to find ways to give you more control over where, when and how you access services to help you live a healthy, active life. In this information age, data is everything — and everything we do produces data. […]