Digital Flywheels: The New Health System Imperative

November 12, 2022  |  kelsay

Companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Domino’s and Vail Resorts have built compelling examples of flywheels enabled by pairing physical services with digital platforms. In contrast, healthcare consumers don’t engage with health systems between episodes of care, and even though many models like value-based care have tried to shift to a more holistic and preventive care […]

Utilizing Innovation to Impact Healthcare’s Workforce Crisis

May 20, 2022  |  kelsay

We are facing a crippling shortage of healthcare professionals, leading to program closures, reduced access to care, and increased workload on remaining staff. Provider organizations everywhere will struggle, but those in already-underserved communities – many low-income or rural – will be at the highest risk of closure. Addressing the workforce crisis isn’t just a priority, […]

Strategies for Reducing AED Utilization

March 8, 2022  |  providence

Despite the near-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency department (ED) utilization, we expect that ED volumes will recover and pre-COVID utilization patterns will return. The ED continues to be not only an expensive setting for hospitals and payors to care for patients, but it’s also not necessarily the best place to be treated […]

Industry Consolidation – 2021 in Review

January 19, 2022  |  providence

While consolidation is not new to the healthcare industry, COVID-19, the emergence of new disruptive care models, and the entrance of historic levels of new capital into the healthcare sector have accelerated the pace of acquisition. Health systems, as the long-standing industry incumbents, can either defend against the evolving competitive landscape or fall victim to […]

How to Fix the Surgical Experience

June 1, 2021  |  Kris Kelsay

As health systems increasingly become online transaction-ready, it is time to think about the patient care journey more holistically. The benefits of bundling these services and assets together in a personalized digital platform where patients can engage throughout the care journey, benefits not only the patient—but the entire health care ecosystem. This research-based report outlines: […]