Live! Utilizing Innovation to Impact Healthcare’s Workforce Crisis

May 27, 2022  |  kelsay

Replay of a live discussion between Kayla Lounsbery Robertson, Executive Directors of Marketing and Digital Experience and Matt Cohlmia, Executive Director of Digital Strategy about how health systems can utilize digital innovation to impact health care’s workforce crisis. View the session below and download the recently published full report on this topic here.

Live! A Conversation with Sara Vaezy, Providence’s New Chief Digital Officer

April 25, 2022  |  kelsay

Replay of a live discussion with Providence’s new Chief Digital Officer, Sara Vaezy with host Melissa Tizon. Hear Vaezy’s vision for Providence’s Digital Innovation Group through these challenging times for health systems, what the team is incubating now and how digital is helping health system retention and growth.

Live! DexCare: One Year In

April 14, 2022  |  kelsay

Replay of a live session where Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Officer at Providence and Derek Streat, CEO of DexCare talk about DexCare’s momentum and progress one year after the company’s spinout from Providence.

Live! Industry Consolidation: A Look Back and Look Ahead

April 14, 2022  |  kelsay

Replay of a live session where Sara Vaezy and Douglas Grapski review industry consolidation trends in the digital health space and the trends associated with them. Additional information can be found by downloading the related report: Industry Consolidation – 2021 In Review.

2022 Digital Predictions | What’s In Store for Health Care?

January 21, 2022  |  providence

In this live chat between Sara Vaezy and Aaron Martin, the duo discuss their views on the biggest opportunities for digital in health care this year. Building off their recent published list, these two executive leaders discuss more behind what shaped their predictions.