The Big Unlock: Sara Vaezy

July 17, 2022  |  kelsay

In this episode of The Big Unlock, Paddy Padmanabhan hosts Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Officer of Providence talks about her new priorities, the increased focus on patient acquisition through marketing and patient engagement tools, and the role of identity-based marketing programs that get tied with the returns on investment. Sara also discusses the digital health […]

Live! A Conversation with Sara Vaezy, Providence’s New Chief Digital Officer

April 21, 2022  |  kelsay

Replay of a live discussion with Providence’s new Chief Digital Officer, Sara Vaezy with host Melissa Tizon. Hear Vaezy’s vision for Providence’s Digital Innovation Group through these challenging times for health systems, what the team is incubating now and how digital is helping health system retention and growth.

Strategies for Reducing AED Utilization

March 8, 2022  |  providence

Despite the near-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency department (ED) utilization, we expect that ED volumes will recover and pre-COVID utilization patterns will return. The ED continues to be not only an expensive setting for hospitals and payors to care for patients, but it’s also not necessarily the best place to be treated […]