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The Digital Innovation Group is a health innovation center within Providence that identifies the biggest problems in health care and enables technology breakthroughs that advance health and ease people’s way.

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Transformative Digital Health Innovation

Across the health ecosystem, our work accelerates the adoption of digital technology in health care.

For Providence

we digitally enable our vision of health for a better world.

For patients

we deliver better, more accessible and more equitable health care.

For health systems

beyond Providence, we de-risk technology investments and expand their ability to innovate.

For tech companies

we provide healthcare expertise and the environment to test ideas at scale.

What’s New at DIG

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Driving Value: A Pivotal Moment for Digital Health

Health systems can longer afford to be ‘directionally’ right regarding digital transformation investments that remain mission critical to getting back on course. Digital pilots or initiatives can no longer run in perpetuity and instead must be rigorously instrumented. Value must now be realized and measured and must cross enterprise boundaries for health system adoption.


Sara Vaezy

FORBES: Distribution and Decentralization are Crucial in the Healthcare Secto

In her most recent Forbes article, Sara Vaezy states:

“Ensuring the future of today’s health system requires more than organizational alignment.​ Systems must leverage the expertise of partners to truly serve their community’s whole health needs. They must invest in the power of digital to connect those relationships both on the front and back end for systems and consumers alike. Fueling healthier communities is not a “one-person job.” Health systems must lean into that reality—designing and steering a connected ecosystem that accelerates and streamlines a person’s ability to take charge of their health.”


Sara Vaezy

DIG THIS: Why Healthcare Needs a Digital Flywheel

We believe the timing is ripe for healthcare systems to launch and operate successful flywheel programs to support increased engagement and ultimately drive better health outcomes. This will be critical for not only maintaining relevance against digital native disruptors, but also to support a transition to value-based care beyond ‘sick care’.  


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